Welcome to Fearless Shadows' Esports Community

Gaming comes with passion and dedication. 

More than just a clan

Always improving

Our core values for gaming are Passion and Dedication -  Always improve, no matter the circumstance.

The majority of our players are directed towards Rainbow Six Siege, but we welcome all gamers to our community.

The Passion to play


You want to improve in esports, WE DO TOO.

You bubble with excitement in every clutch situation, SO DO WE.

You want to find gamers to play with, join our clan.

The Dedication to join


What we offer our Rainbow Six Siege gamers:

  • Regular Ranked games
  • Coaching
  • Regular Scrims
  • Tournament Play
  • Lots of fun

If you want to play, but don't want/have time to practice and scrim on a regular basis - Join us anyway. We always need extra people to play ranked with, and who knows, maybe you join us for scrims in the future. Be apart of the growing esports community.